Punjabi culture Punjab gk Famous Traditional Ornaments List

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Punjabi culture Punjab gk Famous Traditional Ornaments List

Jewelry has always been an important part of human beauty. Women and men from all walks of life in Punjab wear gold, silver and brass jewelery according to their economic status. In ancient Punjab, women used to wear ornaments on their body parts from head to toe. Many proverbs show that in the ancient Punjab, women adorned their appearance by wearing more than a hundred ornaments.

Neck Jewelry Punjab GK

Women s necklaces are dominated by the queen s necklace. Here we first mention the jewelry we wear.

Rani Har, Jugni, Singh Tavitriyan, Bugtiyan, Kathin, Has, Matarmala, Tagga, Hamel

Jewelry to be worn around the neck: Tagga, Hamel, Rewards and Bughtis: Matching the thread around the neck and putting pounds in it, it was called Tagga.

Jewelry worn in the nose

Coca or clove, spleen, nail, fish, earring

Ear ornaments: thorns, drops, pipple leaves, lotus, gold sparrows

Tungle: Round bangles are plain. Tungle: Round bangles are plain.

Bujliyan: It was an ornament like the spinning of a sewing machine which was worn by pulling out large strands in the ears.

In addition to the above ornaments, earrings like thorns, dhedu, earrings, stalks, lotan, drops, gold sparrows, tops, kandi, earrings, rails, mama murkis and brahdarnis were also worn in the ears.

Apart from these Arm ornaments, there were prominent ornaments such as armbands, gokharu, pahunchi, bracelets and clearers which adorned women s veenis.

Jewelry worn on the fingers: Jewelry such as rings, imprints, calligraphy and RC were worn on the fingers.

Jewelry worn on the feet: Five identical imprints were worn on the five toes of the feet which were called five-toes. Apart from these, there were ornaments worn on the toes like claws, rails, lashes, jhanjars, banks and scorpions.

Men s Jewelry: Amateur boys and men wore necklaces, gold bracelets, gold chains, earrings and earrings. The children wore real ponts.


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