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Who is the father of this field of science?

 Father of Modern Physics➖Galileo Galilei

 Father of the Green Revolution➖Norman Ernest Borlaug

 Father of Microbiology➖Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek

 Father of Modern Astronomy➖Nicolaus Copernicus

 Father of Nuclear Physics➖Ernest Rutherford

 Father of Nuclear Science➖Marie Curie and Pierre Curie

 Father of Computer Science➖George Boole and Alan Turing

 Father of Biology➖Aristotle

 Father of the Green Revolution in India➖M. S. Swaminathan

 Father of the Indian Constitution➖Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

 Father of American Football➖Walter Chauncey Camp

 Father of Evolution➖Charles Darwin

 Father of modern Olympic➖Pierre De Coubertin

 Father of Numbers➖Pythagoras

 Father of Genetics➖Gregor Mendel

 Father of Internet ➖Vint Cerf

 Father of Botany➖Theophrastus

 Father of Scientific Management➖Frederick Winslow Taylor

 Father of Electricity➖Benjamin Franklin

 Father of Electronics➖Michael Faraday

 Father of Television➖Philo Farnsworth

 Father of Nuclear Chemistry➖Otto Hahn

 Father of Periodic Table➖Dmitri Mendeleev

 Father of Humanism➖Francesco Petrarca

 Father of Telephone➖Alexander Graham Bell

 Father of Mobile Phone➖Martin Cooper

 Father of Geometry➖Euclid

 Father of Microscopy➖Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek

 Father of Laptop➖Bill Moggridge

 Father of Psychology➖Sigmund Freud

 Father of Surgery➖Sushruta

 Father of New France➖Samuel de Champlain

 Father of the American Constitution➖James Madison

 Father of Plastic Surgery➖Sir Harold Gillies

 Father of Ayurveda➖Dhanwantari

 Father of Western Medicine➖Hippocrates

 Father of modern Medicine➖Hippocrates

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