How many chambers are there in frog heart and information about frogs

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How many chambers are there in frog s heart?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5
Ans 3
The heart of a frog is a three-chambered structure. That is, there are three chambers in the heart of a frog. The sacral structure has two upper auricles and one lower ventricle. And its heart is surrounded by a thin transparent membrane. This membrane is called the pericardium
Heart is very important in our life and body. Heart is the lifeline of our life. If our heart stops working just for a few moments. So we can lose our lives. But the heart of a frog is the most unique of all living beings. And questions related to frog s heart are also asked in the competitive exam.
information about frogs
Frogs are a special type of animal. Because it can live on both land and water. These types of organisms are put in the amphibian class in science. Organisms of the amphibian class can live both on land and in water. Frogs are a cold-blooded animal. That is, the environment of the frog s body changes according to the surrounding environment.

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