how many chambers are there in lizard heart

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 how many chambers are there in lizard heart

interesting facts about lizards

1. Lizard body grows much faster than its outer skin and for this reason lizard keeps taking off its skin from time to time.

2. Lizard s nose is in its tongue and for this reason it sticks out its tongue to smell something.

3. The world s largest species of lizard is the Komodo dragon, which is about 10 feet long and up to 140 kg heavy. These lizards can cause the death of even humans.

4. Lizard has a unique power to defend itself, the lizard separates its tail from its body and it gets the benefit of it when an enemy grabs its tail, at that time it separates the tail from its body. runs away.


5. There are some species of lizards in the world that look exactly like snakes, they have ear holes and eyes on their heads from which they can be recognized.


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