Which allows you to access your email from anywhere

by computer,

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Which allows you to access your email from anywhere ?

a) Forum

b) Webmail interface

c) Message Board

d) Weblog

It is a MailEnable service (Provided by many companies), available using a browser,

using web browser that allows you to access your email account(s)

Example of Webmail provides are Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail

Correct Answer is B

Webmail is an email system in which a web based interface is found.

Although there are two primary ways to check your e-mail, the first is to use an e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook, or the second is to use a web-based int

When you check or send e-mail via the web, you are using webmail. Most free email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, provide webmail interfaces that allow you to send, receive, and organize your e-mail on the web. If you have a domain name, many web hosts also provide a webmail interface to use with your domain name or website. Some common webmail systems supported by web hosts include Troop, NeoMail, and Squirrel Mail.

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