Carbamates Include And What Are Carbamates Used For

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 Carbamates include

(A) Fungicides, herbicides and insecticides

(B) Insecticides only

(C) Herbicides, insecticides and nematicides

(D) Insecticides, nematicides and rodenticides

Fungicides, herbicides and insecticides



Carbamates are a group of insecticides that includes compounds such as carbamyl, methomyl and carbofuran. They are rapidly detoxified and eliminated from animal tissues. Their toxicity is believed to result from a mechanism somewhat similar to organophosphates.


What are carbamates used for?


Carbamates are used as a spray or bait to kill insects by affecting their brain and nervous system. They are used in crops and the home to kill cockroaches, ants, fleas, crickets, aphids, scale, whitefly, lace bugs and mealy bugs.

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