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 It is a major plateau that extends from the Aegean coast to the Armenian Knot between the Pentic and Taurus ranges in Turkey. It is also called the Turkish plateau. It is flat and undulating in some places and has an average height of 800 meters.

The Anatolian Plateau is located in -

(A) New Zealand

(B) Turkey 

(C) Iran

(D) France 

(B) Turkey 

The plateau of Anatolia is situated between the Antique and Taras mountain ranges of Turkey, hence it is also called the plateau of Turkey. Its average altitude is around 800 meters.

Anatolia is part of the central part of Turkey. To the south lies the Tarus Mountains, to the north the Black Sea, and to the west the Aegean Sea. Whereas Mount Ararat is located to its east.

Due to the volcanic deposits in the middle of it, many protruding figures have been created. Rivers like Koruh, Mejijirmek, Kojilirimek, Sakarnya etc. flow on the surface of this plateau. There are many salt and fresh water lakes here, in which Tuj, Beshir, Igridor, Aksehir are prominent. Mining work is increasing in this region.


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