Which of the following Ruler Painting Style is not correctly matched

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Kishangarh painting style (English: Kishangarh Painting) is an art form of Rajasthan. Kishan Singh, one of the sixteen sons of Jodhpur s Raja Udai Singh (16th), had laid its foundation in 1609 AD. After Kishan Singh, the art patron of this painting style, Sirismal (1615-1618 AD), Jagmal (1618-1629 AD) and Harisingh (1628-1643 AD) succeeded Kishangarh. These three were brothers. Some pictures of his time are available. After Harisingh, Raja Roop Singh, Mansingh, Raj Singh and their son Maharaja Sawant Singh (Nagridas) had a special contribution in the creation of the excellent form of Kishangarh painting style.

Which of the following (Ruler Painting Style) is not correctly matched?

(A) Anoop Singh- Bikaner
(B) Raj Singh I - Nathdwara 
(C)Sawant Singh - Kishangarh 
(0) Vijay Singh- Deogarh
(C)Sawant Singh - Kishangarh 
Raja Sawant Singh of Kishangarh was a worshiper of Radha-Krishna. Due to his special interest in art, music, Sawant Singh soon got absorbed in the melodious devotion of Radha-Krishna and gave more encouragement to painting. The time of Maharaja Sawant Singh is called the golden period of Kishangarh painting style.

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