What does the Ctrl + Shift + F5 keyboard shortcut and more short cut

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In context of MS Word-2019, keystroke "Ctrl+Shift + F5" is related to
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ms word shortcut keys List

Ctrl+0 Toggles 6pts of spacing above the paragraph.
Ctrl+A Select all contents of the page.
Ctrl+B Bold highlighted selection.
Ctrl+C Copy selected text.
Ctrl+D Open the font preferences window.
Ctrl+E Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen.
Ctrl+F Open find box.
Ctrl+I Italic highlighted selection.
Ctrl+J Aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen.
Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink.
Ctrl+L Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen.
Ctrl+M Indent the paragraph.

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