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Abbreviations – I is a list of computing and IT acronyms and abbreviations, frequently asked computer terminology and abbreviations in Bank, Railway, SSC, PSC and other exams. Here is a comprehensive list of abbreviations related to computer and information technology 

Computer Abbreviations (B & C) 

 BASIC ➖ Beginner`s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
 BCD ➖ Binary Coded Decimal
 BIOS ➖ Basic Input Output System
 BMP ➖ Bitmap
 BPS ➖ Bytes Per Seconds
 C-DAC ➖ Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing
 CAD ➖ Computer Aided Design
 CADD ➖ Computer Added Drafting And Design
 CAR ➖ Control Address Register
 CASE ➖ Computer Aided Software Engineering
 CCNA ➖ Cisco Certified Network Associate
 CD ➖ Compact Disc
 CD-RW ➖ Compact Disc ReWritable
 CDMA ➖ Code Division Multiple Access
 CDROM ➖ Compact Disc Read Only Memory
 CGI ➖ Common Gateway Interface
 CMOS ➖ Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
 CMS ➖ Content Management System
 COBOL ➖ Common Business Oriented Language
 CPU ➖ Central Processing Unit
 CRM ➖ Customer Relationship Management
 CROM ➖ Control Read Only Memory
 CRT ➖ Cathode Ray Tube

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