List of Commission and Formation year with Short trick

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A group of people formed to consider a subject is called a committee. Committees are formed for different types of work such as in governance, for co-ordination, research and recommendation, project management, many committees and commissions have been formed in different fields in India. Based on the recommendations of these committees, many reforms have taken place in our country.

List of Commission and Formation year with Short trick


 Public Servant Enquiry Act ➖ 1850

 Indian Penal Code ➖ 1860
 Special Police Establishment ➖ 1941
 Delhi Police Establishment Act ➖ 1946
 Planning Commission ➖ 1950
 Election Commission ➖ 1950
 Finance Commission ➖ 1951
 Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) ➖1963
 Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) ➖ 1964
 Central Civil Services Rules - 1964
 Rail Services Rules ➖ 1966
 All India Services Rules ➖ 1968
 Prevention of Corruption Act ➖ 1988
 Interstate Council ➖ 1990
 National Women s Commission ➖ 1992
 National Minorities Commission ➖ 1993
 National Backward Classes Commission ➖ 1993
 Human Rights Commission ➖ 1993
 National Academy of Justice ➖ 1995
 National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) ➖ 1995
 National Scheduled Caste Commission ➖2004
 National Scheduled Tribes Commission ➖ 2004
 Central Information Commission ➖ 2005
 National Child Rights Protection Commission ➖2007
 Green Justice Tribunal ➖ 2010

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