10th science chemistry important questions for All Exam List

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10th science chemistry important questions for All Exam Railway

>> Gases used in welding are ? 

– Acetylene & Oxygen 

>> Gases used by sea divers for breathing are ?

 – Oxygen & Helium

>> Best sources for Vitamin D are? 

– Sunlight & Fish liver 

>>Zinc Phosphide is used as?

 – Rat Poison 

>> Fuse wire is made up of  

– Lead and Tin 

>>Purest form of Iron is?

 – Wrought Iron 

>> Radium is extracted from  . 

– Pitchblende 

>> Which agent is as ‘seed’ in artificial rain?

 – Silver Iodide 

>> Oxides of metals are  . 

– Alkaline 

>> During the process of ‘rusting’ , the weight of iron  . 


>> (metal) is liquid at room temperature. 

– Mercury

>> What is the formula of common salt 

– NaCl 

>> What is the maximum number of electrons that a p-orbital can hold 

– 6 

>> What is used in fire extinguisher 

– Sodium bicarbonate 

>> What is the nature of metal oxides 

– Basic 

>> Which gas burns with popping sound 

– Hydrogen  

>> Which metal is used for galvanization 

– Zinc 

>> What is the nature of bleaching powder 

– Oxidising agent 

>> Which is stored in Kerosene 

– Sodium 

>> Phenolphthalein gives which color in acidic medium 

– Colorless 

>> Which gas is used in cigarette lighters? 

– Butane 

>> Biogas chiefly contains  .

 – Methane 

>> Chemical used as fixer in Photography is  .

 – Sodium thiosulphate

>>Aspirin is   

– Acetyl Salicylic Acid 

>> is also known as ‘Stranger Gas.’

 – Xenon 

>> Natural rubber is a polymer derived from .

 – Isopren

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