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With the advent of globalization, it has become difficult to explain to each other what we want to say. To curb this problem and avoid confusion, scientists have given "scientific names" to each recognized species on Earth. Scientific names usually consist of two parts – the name of the genus and the species.
Friends, the scientific name of rose is Rosa hybrida = Rosa hybrida
> Radish➖Raphanus sativus
> Red maple➖Acer rubrum
> Rice➖Oryza sativa
> Rose➖Rosa
> Soya bean➖Glycine max
> Silver Oak➖Grevillea robusta
> Sandalwood➖Santalum album
> Spinach➖Lactuca sativa
> Sunflower➖Helianthus annuus
> Turmeric➖Curcuma longa
> Tobacco➖Nicotina tobaccum
> Tulsi➖Ocimum sanctum
> Teak➖Tectona grandis Linn.
> Tamarind tree➖Tamarindus indica
> Tomato➖Lycopersican esculentum
> Watermelon➖Citrullus vulgaris
> Wheat➖Triticum Aestivum
apple= pyrus malus
bamboo = bamboo
Banana  Musa Paradisicum
banyan ficus bengalensis
barley hordeum vulgare
Black Chickpea Palaso Mungo
Pepper Piper Nigrum
Eggplant Solanum Melongena
capsicum capsicum frutescens

What is the scientific name of rose flower?

The scientific name of rose is Rosa hybrida{Rosa hybrida}

What is the scientific name of common pea?

Pisum sativum

What is the scientific name of mustard ?

What is the scientific name of Dhok tree?

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