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Bluetooth is an example of

a) Personal Area Network

b) Local Area Network

c) Virtual Private Network

d) Wide Area Network

Personal Area Netwrok

With Bluetooth we can share data upto a distance of 10Mtr

Correct Answer is A

Simplex – Mode of data transmission in which data can flow in one direction only

(Unidirectional) – Sender can only send data but can not receive ( Computer to Printer,

Keyboard, Loud Speaker

Half Duplex- data can flow in both directions but in one direction at a time. We can also refer it

as Semi-Duplex.

Walkie-Talkie operates in Half Duplex

Full Duplex - Data can flow in both direction at the same time (Bi-directional).

Example : Telephone call (You can listen and talk each other simultaneously


Which of the following ports connect special types of music instrument to sound Cards ?





Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Correct Option : C

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