List of 4 Different Classes of Seeds Breeder Seeds Foundation Seeds and Certified Seeds Registered Seeds

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What is a seed, commercially, the definition of seed includes the seed produced by sexual reproduction as well as the fruit, stem, root, and other propagating material that are adapted to favorable environmental conditions – moisture, temperature, access to air and light, and soil contact. develops into a new plant.

India is an agricultural country with agriculture as the backbone of its economy. Agriculture is the main means of our livelihood in our country. The role of seeds in agricultural production has always been and remains very important. The seed is the basis and motto of the foundation of agriculture. Therefore, with good quality seeds, full production of crops is obtained.

Breeder Seeds Foundation Seeds and Certified Seeds Registered Seeds

Nucleus Seed: white

Breeder Seeds : yellow

Foundation Seeds: White

Registered Seeds: purple

Certified Seeds: Blue

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Nucleus Seed: white 

Breeder Seeds : yellow : B = Banana color

Foundation Seeds: White: F= Football Color

Registered Seeds: purple: R = Rai Color

Certified Seeds: Blue: Ce = Sea color = Blue

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